D iscovering Michael is an inspirational guide for those interested in personal growth and self-discovery. It provides you with an understanding from a “users” perspective of what the journey is like, along with the “tools” that are available to help you achieve your personal goals. Mostly, I hope, this will be a catalyst and inspiration for your own growth, a decision to take that long and hard look within to identify and change those unhealthy beliefs about yourself and of life itself. Discovering Michael is a guide filled with bits of wisdom and suggestions to help you find and experience the love, meaning and happiness you deserve in your own life!

Part One shares my personal story about growing up in an abusive home, and in particular, what I realized were the issues I carried forward and how I came to confront them. The purpose of this section is to help you begin the process of self-reflection by taking a hard and honest look at yourself.

Part Two provides you with ideas to get started. I refer to these as "Tools for Self Discovery." I provide you with my own experiences using these tools. Many of the tools are free and simple to learn, and you should be able to find a tool that matches your budget and level of commitment.

Part Three begins with reviewing the challenges associated with personal growth. The goal is to learn how to accept change as a part of life. We may not like it, but change is an integral part of growth; resisting it will only result in stagnation. I have discerned several distinct characteristics and consistent patterns regarding personal growth and development. Part Three includes highlights of my observations and the meanings I have attached to them.

Ultimately, Discovering Michael is intended to be an inspirational story and guide for your own personal growth and self-discovery.

Our Purpose: Providing hope, inspiration, insight, discussion and guidance on the topics of self-help, personal growth and self-discovery. To help heal our past and change our limiting beliefs we formed so that we live happier & healthier lives. To develop our ability to love ourselves more. To discover greater levels of meaning and direction in your life. To develop a sense of community for those on the path of self-discovery.

Kirkus Indie Review

"A fter carving his own path toward self-discovery and personal growth, one man offers his story and the lessons he’s learned along the way. Debut author James could barely recall his childhood for much of his adult life. But after years of difficult relationships, dissatisfaction with his career and bouts of depression, the time arrived for him to confront his painful, dysfunctional past...Mired in grief and confusion, James ultimately faced his fears, took risks and began seeking support through myriad avenues of therapy. Though often emotionally trying, James’ life continued to offer him spaces to explore his own sense of self, what truly made him happy and where he fit in the world. Three sections highlight his journey, the first chronicling the greatest traumas of his life, the second offering tools to tackle one’s own path to self-discovery, and the third highlighting other observations..."

"When milestones are hit or insights revealed, readers may feel it with him..." "At his best an engaging, vulnerable and analytical writer..." "His greatest feat is bringing his past painfully full circle..." "A deeply sincere guide for survivors of past trauma in search of self-actualization."

Kirkus Indie - A review service from Kirkus Reviews, 11/24/2014