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WELCOME TO EARTH We welcome new employees to a company, students to their new campus, and others to a volunteer organization, by providing them with an orientation to help acclimate and acquaint them to their new surroundings, role, etc. This helps them to ease into their new setting in a way that excites them and prepares them to be successful. Welcome To Earth provides an orientation to the biggest adventure and most amazing journeys will experience in this life…Our Life Here On Earth! This session provides some unique perspectives and considerations to make the most of this journey along with being prepared for the many challenges associated with life.

THE JOURNEY OF SELF-DISCOVERY: A PRIMER There is a process to self-discovery, which includes growing our self-awareness to the many layers of self, the experiences that helped to shape these layers, and ultimately to the beliefs and values, healthy and unhealthy, we formed early on that lie deep in our subconscious. With this awareness we can determine what we want to keep, what we need to accept, and what we want to change, so that we can heal our past and ultimately learn how to love and accept ourselves for who we are. Once this foundation is in place, we can then venture into deeper and more profound questions to the meaning of life, our purpose, and who we want to be, so that we can self-actualize and become our full potential, finding greater levels of meaning and happiness in our life. This session provides an understanding of the process and is intended to inspire, guide and prepare you for your own journey of self-discovery. Here is to discovering YOU!

A MODERN DAY VISION QUEST It used to be common in traditional societies (e.g. American Indian, African Tribes), to provide young males with a right of passage into manhood, where they would live in isolation until they understood themselves and their purpose. A great example of this is the movie, Dances with Wolves, where Kevin Costner’s character moves from a traumatic event and into isolation, where with the help of his Indian guides, he discovers who he really is. I believe we are missing this tradition in modern societies where our focus is more so with acclimating ourselves to our culture rather than understanding who we truly are. The purpose of this session is to share stories related to the hundreds of people I met on my own personal journey across the globe in search of my own meaning of life and self. As Michael Crichton states in his book, Travels, “Often I feel I go to some distant region of the world to be reminded of who I really am.” Enjoy an evening of story telling, along with an inspiration to define your own modern day vision quest.

SELF-DISCOVERY WORKSHOP: CREATING YOUR STORY There Is a sign for visitors entering the site of the Auschwitz concentration camp that states, “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” I will never forget the gut-wrenching experience it was to be there, which had the impact of wanting to overcome my own dark side. And so is the case with our unhealthy beliefs we formed that cause patterns that repeat themselves in our life until we become aware of these and transform these into healthy beliefs. The goal of this workshop is to take a pause and look into our life’s rear-view mirror, our past. They say, you are what you eat, which I would modify to say that we are what we believe. By reflecting on the key events of our past, we begin to understand our own story about what happened, the impact this had, the beliefs we formed, along with what got us to where we are today. This provides the foundation for writing our next chapters, for where we want to go. One of the most powerful experiences I had from my volunteer hospice care work, were the stories each person shared about their life. Rather than waiting until a time where we have little runway left in our life, we can begin to craft our own story, while we have the chance to live it.

SELF-DISCOVERY WORKSHOP: TOOLS FOR SELF-DISCOVERY We are fortunate to live in a time where resources are plentiful to support our personal growth and self-discovery, and that can fit within any budget. Taking that hard look within is not easy and for many of us has been masked under layers of denial, shame, facades and unhealthy beliefs that lie deep within our subconscious. These “tools” help us to expose our issues, cope and deal with, and ultimately learn to overcome our unhealthy beliefs and patterns. The goal of this workshop is to review the many tools that are available, share our experiences, and text drive a few of them, so that you can determine what tools you want to utilize to help you discover greater levels of meaning and happiness in your life.

SURVIVING CHANGE: BECOMING RESILIENT A constant in all of life is change. We love it when it goes in our favor and loath it when it delivers us with challenges and experiences we do not want. The pace of change is increasing today to what is an exponential rate compared to a geometric pace only a generation ago. Every aspect of society today is being impacted with changes in technology, economies, weather, etc. This is true of personal growth as well, introducing changes in how we think, feel, behave and become. Learning how to cope and deal with change is one of the key competencies today for leaders, employees, and individuals. The goal of this workshop is to introduce change as a process, one that has distinct stages and characteristics, that once learned can manage it more effectively, and over time to learn how to be resilient through change.

LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP: BUILDING YOUR LEADERSHIP FOUNDATION FROM WITHIN The world today is in dire need for great leaders, whether leadership takes the form of parenting our children, volunteering for a charity, or the CEO of a major organization. The ability to positively influence and develop others for the betterment of society, the organization, and the individual, requires strong self-awareness, vision and beliefs that are consistent with focusing on the betterment of others vs. self. One of my missions in life is to promote and develop more authentic and effective leaders to help society through the many challenges we face today. This is the topic of a new book on leadership coming out soon. The goal of this workshop is to learn the three elements of a solid leadership foundation, including greater self-awareness, understanding our driving beliefs, and developing a personal vision for the footprint we want to leave in the sand.

PERSONALITY ASSESSMENT: THE HERMANN BRAIN DOMINANCE INSTRUMENT (HBDI) Part of our uniqueness comes from our unique combination of personality preferences or traits. Personality assessments are one of the “Tools for Self-Discovery” I review in my book. These are often used in business settings to improve employee’s self-awareness of self and others, along with improving their ability to work with other individuals and in teams. Learning about our personality type, characteristics and preferences is an important element of personal growth and self-discovery. They help to explain our behaviors and tendencies, which is a key part of who we are and how we interact with the world around us. The use of a personality assessment was the trigger for me wanting to understand more about self. Each assessment I took was like taking a picture of myself from a different angle. Over time, the individual pictures formed a collage which represented me! The process begins with you taking the assessment, followed by a coaching session to help you understand the data and form general conclusions about self. This can be completed virtually using Skype or other on-line meeting tool.

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