98 out of every 100 individuals who are disgruntled with their world don’t have a clear picture in their brains of the world they’d like for themselves.

Consider it! Consider the individuals who drift without aim through life, disgruntled, struggling against a great many things, but without a clear goal. Can you say, right now, what it is that you wish out of life?

Fixing your goals might not be simple. It might even involve a little painful self- contemplation. But it will be worth whatever work it costs, because as soon as you are able to name your goal, you are able to expect to enjoy a lot of advantages. These advantages come nearly automatically.

The first awesome advantage is that your subconscious starts to work under a universal law: “What the mind of man may conceive and believe — the mind of man may accomplish with positive mental attitude.” Because you visualize your specified destination, your subconscious is affected by this self-suggestion. It goes to work to help you arrive there.

Because you know what you desire, there’s a tendency for you to try to get on the correct track and head in the correct direction. You get into action.

Work now gets to be fun. You’re motivated to pay the price. You budget your time and cash. You hit the books, think, and plan. The more you consider your goals, the more enthusiastic you get. And with enthusiasm your want turns into a burning desire.

You get alerted to opportunities that will help you accomplish your objectives as they present themselves in your daily experiences. Since you know what you want, you’re more likely to recognize these chances.

All of these things are essential for a positive mindset and consequently success.